P/N Description Price
U7Z-00010 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Black IDR        230.000
U7Z-00020 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Wool Blue IDR        230.000
U7Z-00030 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Light Orchid IDR        230.000
U7Z-00050 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Purple IDR        230.000
U7Z-00040 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Flame Red IDR        230.000
U7Z-00059 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Cyan Blue IDR        230.000
U7Z-00066 Wireless Mbl Mouse 1850 – Magenta Pink IDR        230.000
PN7-00010 Bluetooth Mbl Mse3600 – Black IDR        425,000
PN7-00020 Bluetooth Mbl Mse3600 – Dark Red IDR        425,000
PN7-00030 Bluetooth Mbl Mse3600  – Azul IDR        425,000
7N5-00010 Designer Mouse Bluetooth IDR        470,000
H3S-00010 Sculpt Comfort Mouse  IDR        630,000
APB-00018 Wired Desktop 600 USB Port  Black IDR        325,000
GU5-00017 Universal Foldable Keyboard IDR     1,350,000
PT3-00027 Wireless Desktop 900 USB Port Eng Intl ROW Hdwr IDR        730,000
PP3-00024 WrlssDsktp3050 with AES USB Port Eng Intl ROW Hdwr CD IDR        8700,000
PP4-00020 WrlssCmfrtDsktp5050 AES USB Port Eng Intl ROW Hdwr CD IDR     1,060,000
7N9-00028 Designer Bluetooth Desktop Win7/8 EN/XT/ZH/HI/KO/TH APAC Hdwr Black IDR     1,460,000
N9Z-00028 All-in-One Media Keyboard USB Port Eng Intl ROW Hdwr IDR        635,000
2AA-00011 LifeChat LX-2000 Windows only                                                                                                                         IDR        330,000
T3H-00014 LifeCam HD-3000 Win USB Port IDR        605,000
H5D-00016 LifeCam Cinema Windows USB  IDR     1,370,000
Q2F-00017 LifeCam Studio Win USB Port IDR     1,625,000

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